Founder Story: ITM Research GmbH – Leading the Way in Digital Solutions


In the year 1999, when the digital revolution was just beginning, I recognized the need to assist businesses in adapting to the new technological requirements. With a vision to develop top-notch digital solutions that are both efficient and customer-oriented, I founded ITM Research GmbH in Pforzheim.

The Early Years:

In the early years, our focus was on leveraging the latest technologies to provide tailored solutions to our clients, primarily in the banking industry. Our goal was to cover the entire spectrum from strategy and system integration to customer-centric frontend solutions such as apps and web applications. Over time, we established ourselves as a powerful partner, particularly in the field of Digital Banking.

The Key to Success:

However, the key to our success was not just technology but also the team spirit that permeates our company. Our employees are loyal and dedicated, knowing their strengths and who to collaborate with to solve a problem. This loyalty and efficiency have enabled us to execute numerous successful projects.

Expanding Services:

Over time, we expanded our services and now offer ISAE-certified solutions. We operate innovative solutions for our clients either in our ISO-certified data center or in a public cloud environment.

Impressive Projects:

Over the past 24 years, we have undertaken impressive projects for renowned companies and banks in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. From digitizing the entire processes of Europe’s largest tutoring organization to enabling secure digital communication for 1.6 million customers of Erste Bank and Sparkassen in Austria, as well as developing a new digital bank for Kantonalbank Basel and Bank Cler – our projects are diverse and far-reaching.

A Special Highlight:

One particular highlight is the project we carried out for Sparda Bank, where we developed a completely new mobile and online banking system integrated with digital ecosystems. This system has been successfully operational for four years and connects more than 3,000 banks through open banking and PSD2 interfaces.

Continuing the Journey:

We are especially proud to currently be developing a complete backend for Baselländische Kantonalbank and Radicant Bank. The latter will launch its operations this summer, representing Switzerland’s first sustainable bank – a milestone that underscores the importance of sustainability in the financial industry.

Our journey is far from over. With our dedicated team and passion for technological innovation, we look forward to continuously developing top-notch digital solutions for our clients in the years to come.

Yours sincerely, Adnan Mumbasic

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