ITM Research is now part of the AOE Group!


ITM Research GmbH joins the AOE Group: A significant step in the digital transformation.

We are glad to announce that ITM Research GmbH is now part of the AOE Group. This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in the company’s history and offers numerous benefits for ITM’s customers and partners.

About the AOE Group

The AOE Group is a merger of five successful European digital service providers that combine creativity with innovative technology and reliability in project realisation. As one of the leading agile software service providers in Germany, the AOE Group supports innovative companies in the digital transformation of existing business models by developing complex customised software and providing strategic and technological consulting. The AOE Group also has its own academy, which offers training in the areas of DevOps & Cloud, software development and architecture, agility, software testing and cybersecurity.

What does this mean for ITM Research and our customers?

Through this merger, which also includes our long-standing partners FInno Consult GmbH and ENNO studio GmbH as well as AOE and Bare.ID, we can now offer our clients even more comprehensive and innovative technological solutions. The combination of our expertise in the financial sector and customer-centred solution development with the technological expertise of the AOE Group creates an ideally complementary service portfolio.

Stronger Partnerships for Better Solutions

FInno Consult is known for its leading digital innovation consulting in the financial and insurance sectors. ENNO studio brings its expertise in the design and development of digital solutions. Together, we are now able to offer an incomparable range of services that combine the strengths of all involved.

Benefits for our Customers:

  • Enhanced Technological Solutions: We can now offer you even more comprehensive technological solutions tailored perfectly to your needs.
  • Comprehensive Consulting and Support: By joining our strengths, we are able to offer you even more detailed consulting and support.
  • Innovative and Customer-Centred Solutions: Together with our partners FInno Consult and ENNO studio, we are developing even more innovative and customer- centred solutions.
  • Improved Service: Our combined resources and expertise enable us to offer you an even better and more efficient service.

Adnan Mumbašić, CEO of ITM Research GmbH, comments: “We want to assure our customers that our commitment to providing exceptional service and support remains unchanged. We will continue to work with the same level of dedication, professionalism, and integrity that our customers have come to expect from us. Moreover, we are confident that this merger of the five companies will enable us to offer our valued customers even greater value.”

ITM Research GmbH will continue to operate under its own name and remain committed to the high quality and excellent service that our customers are accustomed to. However, through collaboration with the AOE Group, we can now offer you an even broader range of solutions and services.

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