TEO – The Multi-Banking Solution we built for Comeco


Our journey with TEO, the Multi-Banking App developed in collaboration with COMECO and multiple Sparda-Banks, has been a remarkable one. As an IT solution provider, our mission was to elevate TEO’s functionality, security, and overall user experience. This case study highlights the key aspects of our involvement in the project.


TEO, an acronym for COMECO’s commitment to the COMunity and ECOsystem, was envisioned as a free, versatile solution for all German bank customers. Its core objective was to continually evolve beyond the conventional boundaries of online banking.

Project Objectives:

Our primary goal was to enhance TEO’s capabilities through a series of IT projects, all following the agile Scrum methodology. Leveraging a plethora of technologies and tools, we aimed to deliver a secure, feature-rich, and seamless banking experience for TEO users.

Key Milestones Achieved:

Enhanced App Functionality:

  • Simplified the process of linking multiple bank accounts seamlessly
  • Implemented Elastic Search for efficient access to detailed account information
  • Facilitated various financial transactions, including transfers, standing orders, and photo-based transfers using GINI
  • Introduced a Messaging Center for improved communication with banks
  • Enabled users to schedule appointments with ease
  • Streamlined the management of debit Master Cards, supported by PetaFuel
  • Enhanced user profile management
  • Offered subscription services
  • Implemented Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) through OAuth for added security

Multi-Banking Capabilities:

  • Seamless integration with multiple banks through the FinAPI platform, simplifying account linking and financial transactions
  • Efficient Insurance Management: Integrated with the SDK for Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung, providing access to dental insurance information
  • Established connections with DEVK for insurance-related tasks
  • Implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) for Meine Versicherungswelt by Sparda Versicherungsservice GmbH

Streamlined Notifications:

Implemented a comprehensive notification system, offering real-time transaction alerts (Apple/Google) and marketing notifications via the bank’s CRM system (SAP).

Data Management and Export:

Developed robust data management and export features, allowing users to efficiently manage and export their data, including user information, logs, call records, voucher purchases, reports, and tracking data. Integration with Webtrekk via Diconium was instrumental for data analytics.

Simplified Gift Vouchers:

Implemented a user-friendly gift voucher management system with fraud prevention measures and a digital wallet for voucher storage, all integrated trough Cadooz API.

Efficient Contract Management:

Enabled users to manage their contracts effectively, categorize them algorithmically, and compare them using Verivox’s contract check, covering utilities like electricity, gas, DSL, and mobile. Integration with various bank products, including Union Investment and easyCredit, was seamlessly achieved.

Weather-Informed Finance:

Introduced a feature that analyzed user transactions, detected monthly expenses, and provided weather information to support informed financial decisions.

Rich Content Integration:

Integrated a content delivery system within TEO, offering personalized content, including news, financial products (e.g., real estate, mortgages), orders, and forms, sourced through CMS integration with RocketMedia.

Savings Goal Tracking:

Developed a savings goal tracking system to encourage responsible saving habits, allowing users to create virtual savings goals and track their progress.

 Integration with Financial Products:

Seamlessly integrated TEO with various financial products, including Union Investment’s portfolios, easyCredit for loan applications and financial reserves, and SpardaImmoClub/BauFi for real estate-related features, all with single sign-on (SSO) for a smooth user experience.

TEOPlus Ecosystem:

Ensured that TEO provided access to a rich ecosystem featuring regional and nationwide offers, vouchers, news, financial products, and content delivery for Atruvia via a partner portal.

Streamlined Onboarding Process:

Designed a user-friendly onboarding experience for TEO users, complete with a clear flow and consent management (OptIns), backed by WSO2 IDP for secure identity management.

TEO Communication Center (TCC):

Developed a robust back-office system (TCC) that efficiently managed customer accounts, log reporting, insurance administration, voucher management, campaign management, and marketplace offerings. Implemented Push-Services.

Comprehensive Administrative Tools:

Provided a suite of administrative tools for managing templates, maintenance windows, push categories, OptIns, and app notifications. This included user management with rights and profile management for enhanced administrative control.


Our journey in enhancing TEO’s Multi-Banking App was marked by collaborative effort and innovation. By successfully implementing a wide array of features and capabilities, we ensured that TEO provided a secure, feature-rich, and seamless banking experience to users, aligning perfectly with COMECO’s vision of serving the community through a robust ecosystem.

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